Social Rides

Scenic social rides are the 3rd Sunday of every month and start from Evesham Market Square. Rides will normally be between 20-25 miles & we plan to be back in Evesham by 5 pm at the very latest.

Next Ride

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You can check out the route and also book on to the ride via Let’s Ride or Facebook.

Upcoming Rides

Please check our Facebook or Let’s Ride pages for more details about rides and activities.

Important things to know

All cyclists must wear helmets and if cycling during winter months, ideally have lights on the front and back of their bike.

Before setting off on your bike always check your brakes, gears, spokes, tyres etc. If possible always try to carry a spare inner tube, tyre levers & a pump but do not worry if you do not have these or are not
confident about changing a tyre as the group will stop and give you a hand – no one is ever left behind!
The weather can be variable and it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight waterproof just in case. Also a number of thin layers are more effective at keeping out the cold and more comfortable to ride in.  Extra socks and full finger gloves are a must for most cyclists during the winter.

Remember to bring water and make sure you are not planning to ride on an empty stomach – have a light meal before setting out to ensure you have sufficient energy to enjoy the ride. If you are very new to cycling you might want to bring along a few snacks to eat when we stop for a breather just to ensure your energy levels are maintained.

Rides will normally be between 15 & 20 miles & we plan to be back in Evesham by 5 pm at the very latest. Children of all ages are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Riding in a group

Many people worry about riding in a group but there is no need to.  The CEV Social Ride will have a leader and a tail cyclist who will make sure everyone is ok and no one gets left behind.

There are a few things to remember however:-

  • Do not cycle in the gutter – it contains hazards: potholes, rubbish etc which could damage your tyres.
  • Watch out for what is ahead and look out for uneven surfaces, parked cars, walkers and start to make your move with time to spare.
  • Let people know when a car is coming – ‘car up’ (behind you) or ‘car down’ (coming towards you).
  • Always have hands, preferably, on your brakes but certainly within a finger’s movement from them.

Rules of the Road

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