Privacy Policy

  1. How we gather people’s information:
  • People can register and sign up to receive email notifications and newsletters from us. Via our facebook page or via our website.
  • At our events people provide details manually via a written form.
  • On our rides people provide details manually on a form.
  • On our training courses people send their details to our email address/s and complete a manual feedback form on course completion.
  1. What information do we store:
  • On a basic level an email, an address and a contact telephone number.
  • Additionally (depending on the event/ride etc) we ask for an emergency contact number and name, cycling ability, medical issues and type of cycling enjoyed.
  • Cyclist feedback on courses they have attended.
  1. Where their info is stored:
  • Mailchimp and email inboxes.
  • Manually completed paper forms at the start of an event.
  1. Who can see their information:
  • CEV Steering Committee members plus others authorised by the Committee as and when required.
  • Nothing is shared to other external 3rd parties for any purposes.
  1. How their info is used:
  • To email newsletters.
  • To advertise future CEV events and rides.
  • Call emergency contact/s in case of an emergency.
  1. Unsubscribe:
  • People can unsubscribe their email from our Mailchimp email list using an unsubscribe clickable button.
  1. How is info destroyed:
  • All manually written information is shredded after being used at an event/ride and after the people’s information is added to email lists in Mailchimp.
  • Digitally stored information is moved to an “unsubscribed” section in Mailchimp and is not used after the person has removed themselves. It is not permanently deleted though.

As a Club member your information may be shared on the club website, social media pages or in emails sent by the Club. This data will only be shared in the event that either you are a Club volunteer, have participated in a race or challenge event or have recorded a major achievement. This data will be limited to your name, race results (if applicable) and details of your achievement. Limited further information about you may be included; for example, whether you have participated in a juniors’ race or a women’s race.”