The results will appear here in the order they were submitted. We’ll sort them by distance/time once the event is over at the end of September.

Glyn GoodwinFrolic (38 miles)2020-08-3003:12Link
James BannerFrolic (38 miles)2020-08-3002:42
Steve GillFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0103:43
Karen SmithLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0401:30
Matthew EllaRomp (100km)2020-09-0503:34Link
Richard TarlingEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-0505:46Link
Lindsey Lewis-PainterLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0601:00Link
Clare PeachLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0602:02Link
J .S BannerLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0501:08
James BannerRomp (100km)2020-09-0604:05
Jason PeachLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0600:00Link
Dawn LongLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0401:24
Iain ElliottFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0802:13Link
Steph ArthurFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0903:47
Vikki CooperFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0903:47
Ben SidneyLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1201:16Link
Helen RussellFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1200:00
Simon ReadeEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-12Link
Richard BryantEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-13Link
David WhitehorneEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1306:20Link
Mitchell JamesRomp (100km)2020-09-1803:09Link
Will CoddEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1307:00Link
Sophie ClarkRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:44
Andrew ClarkRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:44
Doug GriffinLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1411:15
Wendy PicklerLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1202:10
Wendy PicklerFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1603:14
Cameron JamesEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-13Link
Nick DavisRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:47Link
Andrew CollinsEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1206:49Link
Vanessa EaglandRomp (100km)2020-09-1804:53Link
Karen RowleyRomp (100km)2020-09-1804:40Link
Declan ShielsFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-19Link
Eve GeorgeFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1903:03
Steve PittFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1902:53

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