Evesham Virtual Cyclefest Results

You’ll find the link to submit your result on your entry confirmation email.

The results will appear here in the order they were submitted. We’ll sort them by distance/time once the event is over at the end of October.

Glyn GoodwinFrolic (38 miles)2020-08-3003:12Link
James BannerFrolic (38 miles)2020-08-3002:42
Steve GillFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0103:43
Karen SmithLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0401:30
Matthew EllaRomp (100km)2020-09-0503:34Link
Richard TarlingEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-0505:46Link
Lindsey Lewis-PainterLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0601:00Link
Clare PeachLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0602:02Link
J .S BannerLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0501:08
James BannerRomp (100km)2020-09-0604:05
Jason PeachLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-06Link
Dawn LongLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-0401:24
Iain ElliottFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0802:13Link
Steph ArthurFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0903:47
Vikki CooperFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-0903:47
Ben SidneyLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1201:16Link
Helen RussellFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-12
Simon ReadeEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-12Link
Richard BryantEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-13Link
David WhitehorneEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1306:20Link
Mitchell JamesRomp (100km)2020-09-1803:09Link
Will CoddEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1307:00Link
Sophie ClarkRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:44
Andrew ClarkRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:44
Doug GriffinLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1411:15
Wendy PicklerLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1202:10
Wendy PicklerFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1603:14
Cameron JamesEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-13Link
Nick DavisRomp (100km)2020-09-1303:47Link
Andrew CollinsEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1206:49Link
Vanessa EaglandRomp (100km)2020-09-1804:53Link
Karen RowleyRomp (100km)2020-09-1804:40Link
Declan ShielsFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-19Link
Eve GeorgeFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1903:03
Steve PittFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1902:53
Lindsey Lewis-PainterFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2002:04Link
Mark BostonRomp (100km)2020-09-2003:33
Alex HallEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1306:45Link
Andy HaleLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1801:19Link
Cheryl PetersFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2003:12
Robert HaleEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-2009:37Link
Neil OgdenEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-1306:59Link
louise bickleyFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2013:30
Robin WalkerFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2004:00Link
anne welshFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2003:50
Andy LoweRomp (100km)2020-09-2204:04
James BannerEscapade (100 miles)2020-09-2207:20
John MacLeodRomp (100km)2020-09-2204:39Link
Verity BookerLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-1202:10
Verity BookerFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-1603:14
Kelly SaltersLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-25
LauraFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2503:20
Duncan MOOREFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2503:19Link
Andrew GisbourneFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2702:48
James CopeRomp (100km)2020-09-2703:43Link
Ben SidneyFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2702:52Link
AlexFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2702:52Link
Neil FurmingerFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2711:30Link
Denzil brunningFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2702:53
John MacLeodFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2803:52Link
Marcus MumfordFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2602:37Link
Meryl LeakeLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-09-14
Juliette WilliamsLeisure Ride (18 miles)2020-10-0710:20Link
Alex tarpleeFrolic (38 miles)2020-09-2702:52Link
Dustin GarrickEscapade (100 miles)2020-10-1107:15
Nikki PearsonFrolic (38 miles)2020-10-1803:12Link
Ian PearsonFrolic (38 miles)2020-10-1803:12Link

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